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How To Conduct a Safe Site Visit During The New Norm

Site visits have always been the cornerstone of successful events and there is a long checklist to ensure the right considerations are made during that time with a venue. Although the new norm is very much dominated by virtual, there are some clients or activities that still require a live set up or a long lead time of planning for the following year. With this in mind, it’s now important to prepare to carry out a site visit safely, for you and your client, as well as effectively. We decided to share some of the steps the team at Why?Events take to ensure this:

1. Do your research

· Shortlist venues that will really work for the event to minimise the number of properties you need to see.

2. Virtual site visit

· Check if the property has a 360 tour on their website to get a feel for the spaces and eliminate before wasting any time onsite. Alternatively, consider setting up a video call with your contact to take you around the spaces and carry out a virtual site visit.

· If you are considering a virtual site visit, ask for plans and measurements ahead of time so that you can pre plan where furniture or equipment may need to be and whether it will fit.

3. Know what to expect

· If you are heading to visit a venue, communication is everything. Speak to the team, learn their COVID process on arrival and what safety measures are in place.

· Once you know what to do on arrival and around the venue, inform your client and reassure them. Put a simple site visit overview document together and include this information, this way it isn’t off putting or an overload of detail on arrival.

4. Be prepared

· Consider creating a site visit pack for you and your client. Include staples items (if required) such as face masks and hand sanitiser. Our new nifty find is the hygiene door opener which allows you to avoid touching door handles, lift buttons etc. Get in touch if you would like one!

· Revise what 2m looks like – you’d be surprised! Remain aware of social distancing rules consistently throughout.

5. Minimise time on site

· Request as much information and materials as you can ahead of the site visit – floor plans and measurements will allow you to check a number of things and minimise time spent working out if kit will fit through doors etc.

· Get all access times, dates and rates so that a lengthy conversation isn’t required following a tour of the site.

· Use a checklist to make sure you have covered everything you need to. It’s important to get the answers to questions not in the materials provided, as it’s much simpler to explain and brief your contact whilst in the space in question. It will also minimise the amount of times you need to see the venue before making a decision.

6. Get the right people there

· Who are the key decision makers? Having them onsite allows for any questions they may have to be addressed immediately avoiding any contract delays.

· Are you able to attend and dial your client in via video call? Let your client trust your initiative and opinion, it also may help to secure a closer site visit date.

· Do your contractors need to check out the spaces? Stagger them across your time slot to avoid lots of people and any infringement on social distancing.

If you’re looking for a venue, Why?Events offers a free venue finding service so get in touch.

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